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September 1, 2015

Ready to start your journey to being your own boss and working
                from the comfort of your own home?

Great! Follow these steps to get started as an Independent 
       Contracted virtual call center agent with WAHS! 
            Work when you want and how you want!


*Discounts available for Military and Students! Please email us at the email address
at the top of our website when you are at the background check so that we can request a voucher for the next step.


Have questions?
Feel free to call or text Melissa Adams at (352) 556-6342

You may also email any question to


Step 1


You will need to first complete your profile on the Arise website. You may find it easier to open the link below in a separate tab so you can follow along with the steps below. There is important information you need to know along with each one. Here is a quick link to the correct section to start the profile.

Arise Virtual Solutions Website


When asked ‘Were you referred to Arise by an Independent Business Owner or current Client Support Professional?’, please select ‘Yes’ and enter CSP ID 708479 for Melissa Adams.

[ If you are Military affiliated make sure that you select ‘Miltary’ as how you heard about Arise enable to get the benefits of the Military Program. You will get CSP101 free (a $99 value and a portion of your client certification class free!).

Step 2

The voice assessment is a short automated test that verifies the clarity of your speaking voice over the phone, and to make sure you can follow verbal directions. Don’t hang up until you get confirmation that your voice assessment was accepted. You will have to repeat a few sentences, and unscramble a couple sentences so they make sense. They suggest that you do this from a land line phone, but you can also use a cell phone. Be sure that you have a clear connection and no background noise. Depending on when you complete the assessment, it could take 2-12 hours to get the result. Check back to the admissions portal page and look under notifications to see if you passed. You may also receive an email. Once you have passed continue to Step Three.

Here is the link to the portal. Save this in your bookmarks for easy access.


Step 3

Once you pass the voice assessment, you will be required to complete a National Background Check (not credit check). The Background check is $12.95-$49.95 depending on which state you live in. It can take 1-10 business days to get the results of the background check depending on where you reside. Like the voice assessment, you should receive an email and a notification on the Arise admissions portal. ****Keep the receipt from the payment for the background check as this may be tax deductable! :)

[If you are Military, please send an email to with the subject line ‘Millitary’. In your email include your CSP ID number (User ID in top left hand corner of your Arise Dashboard), full name and phone number so that we can get you a voucher for the CSP101 class.Do not complete the next step until we notify you that the voucher was placed on your profile.]

Once you have passed the background check, you will be able to move on to the next step.


Step 4

Once you have completed the background check and have been notified of your results, you have (10) days to start the CSP101 certification course. So you will need to complete the next two steps fairly quickly to ensure you are able to complete it all within the time frame.

The CSP101 class is an intro course required for all new agents, and teaches you the inner workings of Arise and other things you will need to know how to operate once you are servicing; like scheduling to service, running reports, taking classes, expressing interest in a client etc. Once you pay for the class,you have 7 days to complete it. You are able to leave the course and continue later, and it normally takes around 2-4 hours to complete. You will be graded and will have to pass this to continue. The CSP101 class is typically $99, but it does sometimes go on sale.

CSP101 IS ON SALE!! EXPIRES 8/3/2015 AT 11:59EAST

IMPORTANT: If there is an option, DO NOT select the instructor led course for CSP101. It does not exist and has not been removed from the Arise website. All courses are self-paced.

[ Military affiliated will get this free. ]


Step 5

You will first need to log back in to the Arise Portal and you will see “Join the Arise Network” is available. You will be asked to either enter your company information or join an existing IBO (Independent Business Owner, aka an Arise affiliated corporation). Choose “Join an Arise Affiliated Corporation” and you will be able to enter our EIN number. The EIN number you will need to enter is 453344922 and click on the magnifying glass. The corporation name ‘Work at Home Solutions’ should appear in the box below it. You will then have the option to view/sign/print the Non Disclosure Agreement and the Waiver. Once we receive the request and confirm it, you will be part of our team! We receive requests immediately and try to process them as soon as possible.

Once you are part of our team we will contact you immediately to welcome you and provide you with some valuable information.


Step 6

You are now part of the team, and eligible to express interest in a client training opportunity. Client opportunities vary in price depending on the client. We have different opportunities available all the time. You can view the current client opportunities from the portal. You will need to click “Select” or the icon to view client specific information such as class times, class start dates, minimum service hours,etc if available. Once you express interest, you have 24 hours to pay for the course or you will be dropped from the course. New client opportunities are posted during the week. Some training classes fill up fast, so you will want to pay for the course as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

**You will also want to pay close attention to the ‘Equipment Needed’ portion of the Opportunity Announcement. We have seen a lot of people start a client training course that only supports Windows 7, to find out that the client only supports Windows XP. You would then have to purchase a computer with Windows XP, downgrade your system to Windows XP, or drop the course. If you drop the course, you may not be refunded so this is VERY important before selecting and paying for the client training course. Also pay close attention to whether the client supports VIoP/Digital phone lines or if it has to be a traditional POTS landline (Plain Old Telephone Service)**

[ Military affiliated CSP's will have to pay for the client training course in full. After they certify and service for 30 days, Arise will reimburse them 50% of the cost. ]

Once you have completed the above steps,

Click here for the Workstation Requirements

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